Fantasy, Role and Poker, all together


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Sylvenia is an interesting game that mixes the playability of collectable card games similiar to Magic the Gathering and Poker. All that surrounded by a hihgly detailed fantasy environment.

When you start the game, you have to choose your character. Depending on the character you will have different features and spells during the game.

Each time you win a match, you earn points and experience, really valuable for future matches and to increase your power and possibilities to power up your character.

Appart from the campaign mode where you'll be able to enjoy the experience on your own, Sylvenia offers an exciting multiplayer mode where you'll face people from all around the world.

Sylvenia is a very amusing game based on a very interesting idea. If you like games like Magic or Spectromancer or Poker, you'll love Sylvenia.
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